• ‘James took me from my first lesson to passing my test in as pleasant and friendly a way as possible. I would recommend him to anyone.’

    Pete, 17

  • ‘Lessons with James were always fun. His calm and friendly nature ensured that I’ve become a confident driver’

    Emily, 18

  • ‘We have 100% confidence in James and would recommend him as a driving instructor to everyone.’

    Nick and Diana (parents)

  • ‘Very pleased with my progress under James' supervision. When the time came for my test, I felt ready and confident, and passed first time.’

    John, 22

After the test

Pass Plus

Passed driving test

This is designed for people who have just passed their test. It's like a mini advanced driving course where you learn additional skills like motorway driving, night driving and bad weather driving, with the emphasis always on being positive. The course is a minimum of six hours long and at the end of it you receive a certificate which could entitle you to a substantial discount off your insurance.

No new test is needed as I asses it as we go and the cost is £195 which is usually more than covered by the insurance discount.

Motorway lessons

Driving on a motorway for the first time can be a daunting prospect, three lanes, lorries, lots of overtaking, unfamiliar signs and people going very fast. All in all it can be quite tricky, so getting the proper instruction is all the more important. My motorway lessons will cover the above problems and more, the emphasis always on keeping safe and maintaining good awareness of those around you. There is no set number of lessons but I have found that one or two goes is usually enough. Motorway lessons are normally two hours long.

Lesson Prices

One hour: £30

One & half: £45

Block Discount

10 hours: £280 (pre-pay)

Contact info

Land line: 01892 824586

Mobile:     07904 339828