• ‘James took me from my first lesson to passing my test in as pleasant and friendly a way as possible. I would recommend him to anyone.’

    Pete, 17

  • ‘Lessons with James were always fun. His calm and friendly nature ensured that I’ve become a confident driver’

    Emily, 18

  • ‘We have 100% confidence in James and would recommend him as a driving instructor to everyone.’

    Nick and Diana (parents)

  • ‘Very pleased with my progress under James' supervision. When the time came for my test, I felt ready and confident, and passed first time.’

    John, 22


The first ever lesson

This account is only suitable for a complete beginner, pupils with prior experience would have the lesson specifically tailored to their level of ability.

After initial introductions I'll check over your licence details and complete an eye sight check. I'll then drive to a quiet road out of the way of any difficult junctions or heavy traffic where we swap seats, and start the lesson by going through some basic safety checks you need to do before starting the engine. These include adjusting the mirrors, putting on the seat belt and making sure that the gear lever is in neutral. I'll then talk you through all the major controls and describe how each different element fits together to give good co-ordination whilst moving off and stopping. I'll spend some time describing how by balancing the accelerator and the clutch peddles you can pull away without causing the car to stall or jerk.

Then comes the big moment, moving away for the first time. This can be a bit tricky the first time so I'll give you plenty of encouragement and support, and with luck we'll pull away without too much of a problem. The rest of the lesson will be spent practicing moving off and driving along and if time permits starting to go through the other gears, and gaining a basic understanding of priority at junctions. Once we get back home we'll have a brief recap over the lesson and arrange our next appointment.

Lesson length and price

A lesson with James' Driving School would normally last for one hour and costs £32.

Longer lessons are available at £48 for an hour and a half, and £64 for two hours.

More intensive courses of up to 5 hours per week may also be available depending how busy I am.

A very common question I am asked is " how many lessons will I need to pass my test? ". The best answer I have is between one and a half and twice your age. So, at 17 years old you will need on average about 25 - 35 lessons.

This figure can be reduced if you are lucky enough to be able to practice privately with a friend or relative, but it can also be more if there are any difficult problems or previous bad habits to get rid of!

Special offers/Gift vouchers

Discount for block bookings. Pay for 10 hours up front for £300, saving £20.

Recommend a friend or relative and receive a hour lesson free each time (no limit).

Gift vouchers are avalable for any amount of lessons for things like Christmas and birthdays.

Normal lesson content

The object of taking driving lessons is to become a safe and proficient driver and to pass the diving test. My first aim with a new pupil is to get them to drive around and turn left and right and feel confident that they have control of the car. To achieve this you will need a basic understanding of the steering, clutch and gear changing. Once they have these basic skills I introduce pedestrian crossings and hill starts which allows us to get a bit more into the town. We then move onto the more complicated junctions, crossroads and roundabouts where you find out if your basic skills are solid or still need a bit more work. There are also several manoeuvres which need mastering, parallel parking, forward and reverse bay parking and reversing on the right side of the road.

Whilst I'm teaching these physical skills of car control I'll also be training the art of hazard perception and anticipating the actions of other people on the road.

Other lessons available

As well as the normal lessons until you pass the test there are a number of additional lessons I can provide.

Auto to manual: if you passed your test in an automatic these lessons will prepare you for driving a manual car. You will need to pass an additional test.

Refresher course: Passed your test but haven't driven for ages? Lost your confidence? It's a common problem, and this could be the solution. No new test needed.

Motorway lessons: Yes they are big, and yes they can be scary, but motorways are the fastest way of getting around the country. Learn to overtake with confidence and cruise with ease. No test needed.

Parking lessons: If the thought of a multi-story car park fills you with dread, or if you avoid parallel parking like the plague, these lessons might be for you. No test needed.

Pass Plus: A course of at least six hours designed to give you experiance at more difficult driving conditions. Assesed by me

Lesson Prices

One hour: £32

One & half: £48

Block Discount

10 hours: £300 (pre-pay)

Contact info

Land line: 01892 824586

Mobile:     07904 339828